How we work:

  • We offer a friendly, personal and individual design service, whether you have a large or small project. 
  • Every project is unique and treated according to a client's individual requirements.
  • We aim to deliver high quality projects for reasonable fees and really do believe "that even the smallest details matter".
  • We incorporate our Design expertise into Property Styling For Sale services, to assist private owners, small property developers and intermediaries (such as Executors, Accountants, Solicitors and Estate Agents) who may work on a client’s behalf, to maximise the value of a property for sale.  
  • Some clients wish to stay in their current home and need a helping hand to refresh their decor and bring it up to date, or perhaps need to adapt it due to changes in their family circumstances.  Whatever the reason we are happy to assist. 
  • Being based near Clerkenwell and Shoreditch, there is plenty of talent and we try to utilise and support local British tradespeople and designers where possible.  This also enables us to minimise our carbon footprint.
About Michele Haynes